Stories, Inc. is a nonprofit film production company.  However, the heart of our organization lies not in making films . . . but in telling stories.  More precisely, we produce inspiring and transformational stories in support of nonprofit organizations.
At the heart of a nonprofit, is emotion.  It’s emotion that allows someone to recognize a need.  It’s emotion that drives them to do something about it.  It’s emotion that encourages volunteers to help.  And, it’s emotion that compels a donor to give.  Emotion.
A well done film captures and conveys that emotion.    
  For Stories, Inc., the nonprofit is the hero.  We exist for them.  They receive our “first fruits.”  Theirs’ are the stories that can truly make a difference in the world.  Therefore, we tell those stories . . . with everything we have.
We are not a traditional production shop, waiting for a client to find us.  Rather, we curate inspiring stories and pair them with organizations who can use them to increase their fundraising efforts.  We accept donations from people touched by a specific story or from those who support our mission in general.  Thanks to your support, organizations can realize the financial blessing from using our stories.  It's a gift the vast majority of nonprofits could never attain otherwise.
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